Dirty Dan Harris Dinner Menu
      Open 5pm Daily; Guests are welcome to walk-in or place a reservation by calling (360) 676-1011.


Savory Greek meatballs, Tsatziki sauce,
warm olives, spring greens and feta cheese 13
Dungeness Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
Local mushrooms stuffed with a delicate blend of
crab, cream cheese and herbs, topped
with parmesan, then baked 13
Gorgonzola Garlic Bread
Toasted garlic bread drizzled with our amazing gorgonzola garlic sauce. Half 8 Full 12
Local Oyster Six Shooter
Delicious Samish Bay Oysters served raw in a shot glass with our house made cocktail sauce 12
Manila Clams
A pound of local clams steamed in butter, wine, garlic, herbs, lemon, mushrooms and bacon 15
Calamari Constantine
Mediterranean style, sauteed calamari in olive oil, garlic fresh herbs, tomatoes, a hint of chili flakes, and wine. 12
Dungeness Crab Cakes
Plump cakes of tender crab, herbs, lime and spices, pan seared and served with a ginger lime aioli 15
Baked Sea Scallops
Wild sea scallops baked with our original Jack Daniels shallot butter, topped with melted mozzarella
and aged parmesan 14


The Wedge House Salad
The Classic Steak House Salad. Iceberg wedge, topped with red onions, bacon bits and a crumbly blue cheese dressing 7
 Garden Salad
Baby field greens, cucumbers, tomatoes,
house made croutons and a balsamic vinaigrette 6
Petite Grilled Pear Salad
Baby field greens in a light honey mustard dressing with grilled pears, candied walnuts and baked blue cheese croutons 7
Roasted Beet Salad
Roasted beets over fresh greens topped with crumbled bleu-cheese and our house balsamic dressing 8
Soup du Jour
Pleas ask your server about the daily soup.  Weekends we typically serve New England Clam Chowder, weekdays vary.  6
Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce tossed with aged parmesan cheese, our house made Caesar dressing and garlic croutons 6
Grilled Caesar Salad 10


Wild Pacific Salmon
This amazing fish is charbroiled to medium-rare
and served with a sage and chive compound
butter 28
Seafood of the Day
We offer a variety of delicious entrees. Ask your server what we have available for tonight's preparation.
Pan Fried Samish Bay Oysters
Fresh local Samish Bay Oysters, lightly breaded
and pan fried 21
Dungeness Crab Stuffed Prawns
Wild prawns stuffed with crab, herbs, spices,
then baked and topped with bearnaise 25
Jumbo Shrimp Scampi
Sauteed jumbo Tiger shrimp, garlic and herbs, lobster caviar butter 28


Our beef is sourced from high quality ranchers. Steaks are hand cut and specially aged  
for richer flavors. Served with choice of potato or wild rice pilaf. Steaks with an asterisk (*) 
come from animals that have never been administered any form of hormone or antibiotic.

Filet Mignon
A truly royal cut of beef. Far and above the most tender cut  33

Peppercorn New York *
Big flavored 12oz NY rubbed with crushed
peppercorns topped with mushroom demi-glace  30

The Top Sirloin
A lean, well-flavored and moderately tender steak cut from the center of the sirloin. 8oz  25
The Rib Eye *
A well marbled boneless 16oz cut
from the Prime Rib.  36
New York Strip Loin *
12oz of juicy choice-cut beef.  29

Sirloin and Lobster
Top Sirloin paired with tender Maine Lobster
and drawn butter  43

     Enhance your experience with these delicious sides

                               Grilled Tiger Prawns  7
Broccoli w/ Hollandaise Sauce  5
                                Oscar Crab w/ Bernaise  8
Grilled Asparagus  6
                                Grilled Wild Scallops  8
Drunken Mushrooms  7
                                   Pan Fried Local Oysters  9
Jack Daniels Bleu Cheese Gravy  2
                                    Half Rack BBQ Ribs  1 2
 Maine Lobster Tails  24
                                   Sauteed Spinach  6
Lobster Mac and Cheese  15


Slow roasted all day-everyday in limited quantities. Served with creamy horseradish,
au jus and your choice of potato or wild rice pilaf.  All our prime rib has never been administered any
form of growth hormone or antibiotic

The Petite Cut 6oz
For smaller appetites  25
The Original Cut 12oz
A house favorite  33
Dirty Dan's Cut 18oz
Our traditional cut 45

In order to continue offering premium natural Prime Rib to our guests, we will not split Prime Rib entrees.


Selections are served with your choice of potato or wild rice pilaf.

Pan Seared Filet Tips
Tenderloin tips pan seared with marsala mushroom demi-glace, horseradish mash potatoes and seasonal vegetables  26
Filet Mignon Meatloaf
Wowie! One of a kind and a big favorite. Served with demi-glace or our own Bourbon barbeque sauce  24

Oh Boy! Baby Back Ribs

Full pound of hickory smoked pork ribs, served with our own Bourbon barbeque sauce  27

Australian Loin Lamb Chops

Classic Greek marinated chops, charbroiled   31


Lobster Mac and Cheese
Tender lobster, six cheese lobster cream sauce, truffle oil, with penne pasta  27
Seafood Penne Pasta
Penne pasta, scallops and salmon sauteed with mushrooms, tomatoes and scallions. Served with house marinara or Alfredo  23
Roasted Chicken
One-half chicken rubbed with a custom blend of spices. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables  21
Linguini and Clams
Fresh local clams, simmered in clam juice, butter, garlic and herbs. Tossed with traditional linguini pasta  21

Some items contain raw or not fully cooked animal product. Such items may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.