The Churchill Executive Room
As a tribute to the cigar smoking diplomat and legendary leader, the Churchill Executive Room was created.  The room is located upstairs and accessed through the lounge. This private dining/group dining and meeting room accommodates up to 6-8 diners or 10 for cocktails. 
Your associates will enjoy privacy and unobtrusive service in this popular room. Relax in the leather chairs and bench seating, dine, sip spirits, catch a game, enjoy life. The Churchill Executive Room is outfitted with cable television and a 40 inch LCD HD TV. Free Wi-Fi service is available for guests. The room is free to use, however, we recommend you place a reservation in advance. You must be 21 or older to use the room.
The Churchill Room is the place where engagements are made and agreements met. Call us at 360 676-1087 to reserve your evening.